Visual She Art - Sheri Armor
Sheri Armor in her studio.

About Sheri

Sheri Armor was born and raised in Northern California and comes from a strong family lineage of female artists including her mother and maternal grandmother. Inspired by nature and growing up exploring the varied terrains and abundant eco systems of California, this early influence helped to shape much of her artistic expression today. Currently residing in Sausalito California, Sheri Armorís paintings are represented in local galleries and public exhibitions in the greater Bay area and beyond. For more information or a private viewing, please contact the artist directly.

Artist Statement

"Abstract art for me, is an expression of the spirit... both a chronicle of discovery, and a personal glimpse into my beliefs of the unknown. As a conscious artist I am striving to bring forward the positive forces that sometimes exist beyond what the naked eye can see. With an emphasis on light and beauty, I am exploring the textural layers and luminous qualities that paint offers to help create the visual dimension that merges the familiar with the undiscovered or unrecognized though the painting itself represents a portal into another dimension. Atmospheric composition paired with abstract texture and glimpses of writing below the surface are common elements of my paintings. Using oil paint and a variety of tools to create bold strokes and soft textural layers, it is my intent to express the polarity and the transcendence that exists as the two merge ."

Education and experience

BFA in fine art from California State University Fullerton